Srđan Milosavljević, Aleksandar Ivanovski, Predrag Lazarević, Lazar Živković

This paper points to the potential implementation of certain elements of aikido, especially levers, in self-defence. The specifics of certain elements of aikido enable their implementation in self-defence. Proper execution of aikido elements in technical terms is an important prerequisite for their effectiveness in self-defence. Good mastering when it comes to performing individual aikido elements, is necessary in order for them to be qualitatively connected into a meaningful whole, that is, a combination that will represent an adequate response in a particular problem situation. For that reason, insisting on the best possible execution of each individual element of aikido certainly leads to an increase in the chance for its efficient and purposeful implementation in self-defence.

Keywords: aikido, self-defence, techniques, levers, attack, grab

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