Predrag Lazarević, Srđan Milosavljević, Slavko Petrović

The purpose of using notation analysis is to collect as much data as possible regarding the abilities and characteristics of individual players, as well as the entire team. Using the collected database, coaches can make objective decisions about the way individual players and the entire team play. The paper analyzes a match between FF Malmӧ and FC Chelsea, played in the UEFA Europa League round of 32. The overall score was 1:2 for Chelsea. A notational scouting analysis was conducted using a programme called Pinnacle Studio 15. Offensive actions were analyzed, from the moment the team came into possession of the ball. Player activities were recorded by means of the notational system. A total of 30 elements of offensive tactics were monitored. The possession of the ball (66/34), the total and the totally correct significantly higher number of passes (781/321; 741/265), the shot on goal inside the penalty area (4/1) and the higher percentage of successful dribbles in the game 1:1 (68, 75/50) can be singled out as significant factors in the end result in favor of FC Chelsea. All that has been analyzed indicates the way FF Malmö plays, as well as the way in which one should stand against such a play, which is the primary goal and reason for conducting the notational analysis.

Keywords: notational analysis, scouting, technical and tactical evaluation, movement analysis, football

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