Desanka Filipović, Kristina Vukušić, Ivana Topalović, Snežana Milićev

Fibromyalgia and chronic muscular pain (hereinafter: CMP) are conditions that include the symptom of muscle pain. Pain in fibromyalgia syndrome (hereinafter: FS) is widespread and furthermore, a bilateral muscle pain. For now, there is no therapy for FS, although there are many useful treatments. Patients with FS have more than just muscular pain, which is hypersensitive as many have interstitial edema, as a diffuse distension. Despite rigid diets and diuretics, patients gain weight and have periodic extremity swelling. Neuro muscular electrical stimulators help control edemas, as well as specific lymphatic drainage. Also, chronic fatigue is a common symptom of FS. Patients often suffer from many similar diseases. These medical problems can often be an integral part of FS and these conditions are deteriorating factors of the course of the disease. The key point in treating myofascial pain is to identify these comparative medical problems and treat them accordingly. Also, movement restriction is an integral part of CMP, as FS patients have limited movements within generalized muscular weaknesses. General hypersensitivity to pain has the features of allodynia (condition in which nonpainful stimuli cause pain), which is an attribute of FS. It is often encountered in athletes, as a problem of muscle exhaustion in overly ambitious and overloaded training sessions and competitions. This pain has no FS pain characteristics. Thus, it is necessary that doctors and physiotherapists adequately distinguish, understand and treat the state of FS according to the Copenhagen Conference criteria.

Keywords: fibromyalgia, chronic muscular pain, baseline, hyaluronic acid, 18 typical pain points.