Sretenka Dugalić

Digitalization covers all areas of the society, especially sport. This paper presents the results of digital media research and analysis, with a particular emphasis on the diversity of their implementation (analysis, sports event broadcasting, promotion…). Digital media have significantly improved sport, primarily by broadcasting sports and media events, as well as via training preparation and realization. However, these are two-way processes: sport and its needs require research and improvement of the contemporary image and sound broadcasting systems to be able to deliver a unique experience to viewers. The fact that sport and its needs represent the core of the widest audience makes sport a special medium. A great number of sports events are broadcast daily throughout the world. If a broadcast is not technologically superior (digitally – due to the sharpness of the image, pausing an action, VAR technology…), sports events would be outshined by other attractions. In addition to training and sports events broadcasting, digital media are also used to monitor safety in sports venues (video surveillance), which then reinforces the competitiveness of the broadcasting systems and the media, as well as their need to create their own digital platforms.

Keywords: digital media; sports-digital marketing, digital broadcasting of a sports event; digitalization of sports training monitoring, social networks