Miroljub Ivanović, Uglješa Ivanović

The aim of this study was to examine the latent structural relations between the main personality traits and dimensions of motivation among junior karatekas. Empirical research was conducted on a pertinent sample (N = 148) of karatekas from Valjevo, aged 15.18 on average (SD = 1.9). Three measuring instruments were used: the Big Five Inventory - BFI, the Sport Attitudes Inventory - SAI, and the Task and Ego Orientation in Sport Questionnaire – TEOSQ. The results of the Pearson's correlation coefficient have shown the significance level of p ≤ .05, and a significant number of bivariate linear correlations (of low or moderate intensity) between the manifested variables. Using the canonical correlation analysis, two significant canonical functions were extracted. The first unipolar pair of canonical factors in the personality traits section, with 44% of the explained variance, was maximally defined by Conscientiousness and Extraversion, and was defined to a lesser degree by the Openness/Intellect variable, as well as dimensions of motivation (motives to achieve power, motives to achieve success and orientation aimed towards the task). The second isolated bipolar pair of canonical factors in the personality traits domain, with 21% of the explained variance, was determined by the Neuroticism variable, and to a lesser degree by Agreeableness and Conscientiousness, as well as the motive to avoid failure and orientation aimed towards the goal. The obtained results have shown that the measuring instruments used in this research have satisfactory construct and convergent validities, as well as satisfactory reliability of internal consistency, and can therefore be used in personality assessment of Serbian adolescents. The results of this transversal research offer relevant empirical contribution and important implications to everyday sports practice and better understanding of the complex constructs mentioned in this research. In addition, this research contributes to sports psychology, which enables higher level of understanding of the functioning of an athlete’s personality during adolescence.

Keywords: personality traits, sports motivation, sport orientation, junior karatekas, canonical factors

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