Radovan Ilić, Branko Bošković, Marjan Mirčevski

The organization of sports competitions changes the perspective of sport, improves its quality and moves management capacities. All positive values, socially accepted norms and cultural behavioural forms built throughout the long history of sport should be evaluated at sports competitions. However, various forms of misbehaviour and violence in sport arenas are so present and visible that they pose a serious threat of becoming a constant side effect. All this causes specific risks regarding security issues at competitions and it demands huge responsibility of management when it comes to planning, preparation and organization of competition. The organizers of sports competitions are obliged to do everything in accordance with the law, which provides institutional framework of an organization that includes not only official bodies and state institutions, but sports organizations, private security services and monitoring services as well, which have certain authorizations defined by the law in order to prevent and stop violence and misbehaviour at sports events. This paper highlights security risks in the organization of sports competitions on one hand, and legal and other possibilities and mechanisms for their prevention on the other hand

Keywords: sports competition, security issues at sports competitions, contents and measure regarding security issues at sports competitions