Ganesh Dutt Chugh, Raosaheb K. Kale, Prakash C. Jha

Locus of control (LOC) refers to an individual’s perception about the underlying main causes of events in her/his life. The cause and effect could be either internal or external because, it is about the belief of an individual. Knowing that it is an important aspect of personality, we decided to explore whether locus of control differs among the cricket players. To study the locus of control among cricket players, an English version of Indian adaptation of Raval, P. H. Of Rotter’s locus of control was used to collect the data, statistical analysis has been performed on the selected sample of 148 players. Results show that LOC among cricket players of course, depends on the level of participation as well as on their specialization such as, batsmen; fast-bowlers, slow-bowler wicket-keeper and all-rounder. Fast bowler all-rounder is more internally controlled on the scale of locus of control than other sub-groups. International level of cricket players show the tendency of internal locus of control compared to Sch/College/Club level of cricket players which has tendency to show external locus of control.

Keywords: Locus of control, Cricket players